Station info

The station

The club have a small hut for the radio station. The hut gives room for our shack/radio room and a living room with a kitchenette. The radio room contains two contest stations and a guest station. If you rent the station you can use the guest station but not the contest station witch are for members of the club.


  • On a rotator on 26m high tower
    • JK rotating 40m dipole @ 30m
    • JK Navassa 10-12-15-17-20 @28m
  • Wire antennas
    • 160m double L antenna
    • 80m inverted V dipole
    • 60m sloping dipole
    • 30m  sloping dipole

Radio room

We have two operating positions in the radio room. Each with a desk for radio equipment. The antennas is connected to an antenna switch with TWO radio connections. There are two control units. One at each desk. A third operating position can be set up in the radio room or the living room.

Guest radio

  • Icom IC-7300 (Backup: Kenwood TS-870)
  • Different power supplies


  • Wireless and cabled internet connection