JW5E joins LoTW

We are pleased to announce that we have joined LoTW and have uploaded all knowns digital logs dating back to 1984!

Updates to the webpage

We are currently in the process of updating our webpage to be more current and precise.

Inconsistencies might occur.

Regarding accommodation at JW5E

Due to regulations and fire hazard it has been decided that JW5E in the future will not have sleeping facilities and we will not tolerate that the club is used as a primary accommodation for guests. Guests will in the future be required to provide their own accommodations.

Groups and individual guest that have booking will be contacted for further information regarding this matter.

PA failure

Yet again we have had equipment failure due to operator error and this has become quite an expensive tendency. It has now been agreed amongst the members that we will not rent out the shack with PA as a means to reduce the risk of hardware damage.


Last weekend JW5ZLA, JW4GUA and JW4DUA went on an expedition to Skolten 1130 msl. There we set up a new antenna for our 2m repeater that have been QRT since early winter due to ice damage on the antenna. We have been struggling to find a suitable replacement antenna that can handle the extreme ice conditions that we see. We ended up welding a dipole out of 50mm octogonal aluminium tubing 4mm thick. This looks to be strong enough for our use.

All hams visiting Svalbard are invited to bring their 2m gear and try out:

JW9SRR repeater 145.6Mhz/145Mhz CTCSS 91.5Hz

JW9SRR is set up on the mountain Skolten and to work the repeater you need at minimum line of sight and 5W. With a 1/4 wave dipole vertical it is possible to work the repeater from most of town outdoors.

IMG_2350 IMG_2351

IMG_2352 IMG_2353




Testing a webcam

Since we have a temporary network connection down at JW5E while we wait for a proper fibre access- and one of our members have so generously donated an outdoor webcam to us we decided to do some testing. At the moment the camera is located up in town while we refine a few scripts between the camera and our webhost. Please stay tuned for the first JW5E webcam!

Update: We have now moved the camera down to JW5E. There is also a new page called “Camera” where you will find this webcam.

Website down

We were informed that our website had been down for some time. Only showing what we have come to know as “White screen of death”. Unfortunately- this domain was registered by NN almost 5 years ago and nobody remembered any login credentials for our web host. It took a bit of detective work to sort out all the details needed to do a domain name transfer to a new owner- the club.

It turned out to be two faulty plugins that kept the page from loading. Namely our calendar and a plugin that does web page statistics. We can live without statistics- but we need time to get our calendar sorted out before we are 100% operational again.

Sorry for all inconvenience this has created- and have a bit of patience while we debug our calendar plugin.

Antenna maintenance

JW4GUA took it upon himself to do some very needed maintenance on our two beam antennas. We have for some time been missing an element for 15m and the 20-17-15m beam have been able to rotate slightly on the rotor pipe. When we got up there we noticed that one of the boom support wires had snapped completely off! Just another evidence that its a hard life for antennas in the high arctic! We have now straightened out some of the elements and remounted the missing 15m element. The boom support wire is now replaced and the rotor and bearings have been checked.



Shack update

JW5ZLA has started to paint the JW5E Shack! 3/2 walls are now painted antique white in an effort to give the shack a more modern look. The color was carefully selected on the basis of being the only white-ish paint available on Svalbard! We are very happy with the outcome! The last 5/2 walls will be painted according to the amount of free time JW5ZLA can free up throughout the winter.




New shack oscilloscope


JW5E would like to extend a thank you to the local electrician firm JM Hansen for donating an oscilloscope to the club! This mint condition Tektronix TDS 320 will be of great help to us especially during licensing courses as a visualisation tool and as an aid for the DIY minded of the club members.


For those of you who want some inspiration on what to use an oscilloscope for in the shack: