We got word that all students passed their exam and will soon receive a license certificate by mail!

The following callsigns was issued:

JW4BUA – Terje
JW4CUA – Arne
JW4DUA – Veronica
JW4EUA – George
JW4FUA – Geir
JW4GUA – Jan Olav
JW4HUA – Anders
JW4IUA – Stig

We now have 8 new ham operators on Svalbard and look forward to a new and bright future for JW5E!

License exam

We all meet up at the local fire station the 23rd april at 1900 for our license exam. We`ll be there a few hours beforehand in order to answer any questions and one final review of the essence of the curriculum.

Study hard!

Ham training 2014 update


Eager students are flowing the teaching of JW6VDA (who makes a living as a professional teacher at the local school). So far the training goes on with no hitches. We are very lucky to be able to make use of the excellent teaching facilities at the local fire department. The smart board as seen in the back makes teaching a breeze as students receive a PDF file with all board notes after each session.

So far JW6VDA, JW7QIA, JW7XM and JW5ZLA have been involved in the process of turning radio enthusiast onto radio amateurs!

Ham training 2014

We all meet up at the fire station the 4th of february at 1900 to start training new radio amateurs. Books have been ordered and information will be given as we go. The plan so far is to meet up every monday and wednesday until we all feel secure in the curriculum.

New JW5E qslcard

jw5e_qsl_2010 Here is the new qslcard that has been ordered from UX5UO print.


Hi there. Welcome to the new JW5E homepage. Here you’ll find information, pictures and booking information.