Contest station 2 ready for action

We have now finished the secondary station setup with software and radios:


SPE Expert 1K-FA

Shack-LAN Bandpass Filters by Hamation


N1MM Logger++


Gearing up for CQ WW SSB 2014

JW5E will participate in CQ WW this year! JW7QIA arrived from Norway on wednesday to help build a two station contesting setup. The last days have been plagued by bad weather and high solar activity causing the bands to be very unpredictable. HF blackouts and auroral flutter have made it challenging to do on air tests, but we have high hopes that the magnetosphere will quiet down for us on friday.

More info and pictures to come as we get closer to the contest start!



JW7QIA and JW4DUA discussing contesting procedures in front of the unfinished secondary station setup.

JW5ZLA`s new QSL Card

JW5ZLA just received a batch of fresh cards of the press. Keep listening this winter if you would like a copy!


Picture was taken during a winter expedition up north on Spitsbergen. A polar bear kept guarding a seal breathing hole in front of the glacier “Stubendorffbreen” for a few days while we where there.


JW4GUA ordered new QSL cards.

JW4GUA just ordered a batch of new QSL cards- as his mailbox have started to fill up with cards from this summers activities:


Amazing card with a photo taken on the east coast of Spitsbergen. If anyone wants one- they will have to keep an ear out for JW4GUA on 80-10m throughout the winter!

2M Repeater update

JW9SRR is now operative from the mountain Skolten. Due to desense issues we are only able to run with 20W to the antenna. In order to solve the receiver issues we need a better antenna with less SWR, a circulator with dumpload and an extra cavity for the duplexer. Work is in progress in order to obtain these items.


New book for ham training

This springs license course has sparked an interest for ham radio in Longyearbyen. Several people have already enquired about possibilities for a new course this winter. In anticipation we have ordered a copy of the brand new book entitled: “The road to international radio amateur license. The new radio amateur ABC”

The outlook for a new course is quite good- several of the new operators have a useful set of skills and posses the required knowledge to help out. If we find time this winter we will post here on the blog.


And what a treat it will be to have this new and wonderful book next course!



A word about Facebook

There currently exists two facebook groups dedicated to JW5E.

The group named “Friends of JW5E” have been around for a few years and are open to all who have an interest in JW5E. This group has 42 members at the time of writing this post. We all feel that it is a great group to share pictures and stories between people who feel a connection to JW5E. We welcome all to join this group if they want to keep an eye on whats going on.

However- we feel the need to have a closed group where the active members of JW5E can share and discuss the ham activities on Svalbard in a group with higher levels of privacy. We therefore choose to have a second group called “JW5E Svalbard” that we feel should be reserved for and under administration by the members currently living on Svalbard.


2m Repeater.

JW5E have been granted a license for a 2m repeater! We are now allowed to install a 2m club repeater on the mountain Skolten (1030 masl)! Most of the repeater parts have been bought by JW5ZLA as part of earlier experimentation.

JW9SRR will be operating on RV48 (145.6Mhz negative 0.6kHz split) with CTCSS 94.5Hz.


Summer Party 2014

In order to celebrate the newly licensed ham operators and to mark the start of summer we all meet up at JW5E for food, drinks and good tales from years gone by. JW4FUA and JW4GUA organised a great evening for all ham operators on Svalbard. Definitively a tradition on the making!

We did in between food and wine manage to take a group picture of all the students with their mentors:


Top left:


Bottom left:


Spitsbergen Ski Marathon

JW5ZLA and newly licensed JW4BUA helped out at the 2014 ski marathon. We successfully located a spot in the trail where we set up and tested a VHF digital repeater. We managed complete coverage of all posts that where to have communication. The repeater is owned by Svalbard Turn and consists of a custom built case containing batteries and a Hytera DMR repeater. Unfortunately the supplied vertical fibreglass antenna shattered in -20C so we needed to get hold of a Kathrein dipole as seen in the photo:



Repeater and antenna in the background.



Looking north through the trail.



Looking south.