Last weekend JW5ZLA, JW4GUA and JW4DUA went on an expedition to Skolten 1130 msl. There we set up a new antenna for our 2m repeater that have been QRT since early winter due to ice damage on the antenna. We have been struggling to find a suitable replacement antenna that can handle the extreme ice conditions that we see. We ended up welding a dipole out of 50mm octogonal aluminium tubing 4mm thick. This looks to be strong enough for our use.

All hams visiting Svalbard are invited to bring their 2m gear and try out:

JW9SRR repeater 145.6Mhz/145Mhz CTCSS 91.5Hz

JW9SRR is set up on the mountain Skolten and to work the repeater you need at minimum line of sight and 5W. With a 1/4 wave dipole vertical it is possible to work the repeater from most of town outdoors.

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