A word about Facebook

There currently exists two facebook groups dedicated to JW5E.

The group named “Friends of JW5E” have been around for a few years and are open to all who have an interest in JW5E. This group has 42 members at the time of writing this post. We all feel that it is a great group to share pictures and stories between people who feel a connection to JW5E. We welcome all to join this group if they want to keep an eye on whats going on.

However- we feel the need to have a closed group where the active members of JW5E can share and discuss the ham activities on Svalbard in a group with higher levels of privacy. We therefore choose to have a second group called “JW5E Svalbard” that we feel should beĀ reservedĀ for and under administration by the members currently living on Svalbard.


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