New JW5E qslcard

jw5e_qsl_2010 Here is the new qslcard that has been ordered from UX5UO print.

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  • Ragnar LA5HE

    Super !

  • Beautiful photo. Just the sight of it makes me want to go up again, on my 21st visit. But I guess I have to wait a bit now.
    The ice blue colour on the qsl card is just great.

  • Roald Simonsen (LA0EK)

    Beautiful it´s Svalbard

  • François F8DVD

    Very beautiful picture.

  • Glen W2CXX

    Spectacular photograph! Congratulations! 73

  • Beautiful photo and QSL!

    73 de Björn,
    JW/SM0MDG (Topband activity Jan 2008)

  • Great QSL card. Enjoyed the contact and look forward to receiving QSL card. You are a new country and still working for my DXCC

  • Valdas LY2BNL

    Today I had cw qso with JW8AJA on 14 mhz.
    What the season on the picture?

    73 Valdas

    • LA8AJA

      Hi Valdas.

      I’m happy to work you. The season on the picture is winter and was taken in February 2006.

      73 de Andreas, LA8AJA/JW8AJA.

  • Josep

    Nice photo!
    Hope hear you soon on 6m
    73 EA3AKY

  • Yuri

    Yes, very good

  • Bror

    Nice card indeed, and also a great view.
    73 Bror

  • KQ0B

    beautiful picture for framing. Look forward to receiving one !

  • 6K5YPD

    Great !

    I’m wating this QSL 😀

  • JM2HBO Teru

    Thanks w,w, contest yesterday.
    FB signal and picture.

  • 6V7Q Seb

    Hello ! Super beautiful QSL card. I will send you my QSL via direct soon, I need this nice QSL for my 6W DXCC :o)

    Thanks for the call ! 73 Seb 6V7Q/F8IJV

  • SWL 7X2/901 GARTI

    Beautiful QSL! and 73

  • A VERY attractive QSL card indeed!
    Hoping to embroider your shirts & hats
    73s from Upstate NY USA

  • I remember this view very well! I hope to see it again one day……stunning!

    73 de John, G4ATA

  • I would love to see it too! Sewing 3 callsign shirts & hats for 3 guys that ARE going & I’m GREEN with envy! Jude

  • Ken KC2YRJ

    We have recently returned from a wonderful visit to Svalbard and this beautiful QSL photo brings back great memories of our trip.

  • Great photo!!!!! I am looking forward to this QSL… 😉

  • IK1GEY

    Wonderful! Hoping to meet you very soon on the air :)
    73s de Fabio, IK1GEY

  • StanEI6DX

    Reminds me of Northern Russia. So cold… sends shivers down my spine. It looks brutally inhospitable and irresistibly attractive at the same time. Magic!
    Love it! Brilliant photo.
    CU TEST guys

  • I hope that QSL card comming to me sometimes :)

  • Pat, W8LGJ

    A very beautiful QSL! Wish I could get one but since qso was seven months ago I don’t think it is going to happen.

  • Junji Fujiwara

    Very nice QSL card !! I would like to get your QSL/
    Please confirm our qso, 05 Jan 2006 13:52Z 40m 59 SSB and 25 Jan 2006 09:27z 75m 56 SSB.
    I send to you my qsl SASE/IRC via air mail on 24 Oct 2012.
    How can i get your qsl “JW5E” ?

  • DF2AJ

    Never received a reply for my QSL-card+3$ sent two years ago..

  • Patrick Welch W8LGJ

    Why tantalize people with your new QSL design? It is obvious from reading the other comments that no-one ever received a card. I have sent e-mail inquiries about your qsl and they all go unanswered. My qsl is unanswered after nearly a year. You just keep the postage money and show people what they can’t have. It’s a disgrace to ham radio.

  • Deim Ferenc HA8IE

    I have 3 QSO with JW5E, i send lot of Buro and 2 direct QSL request. NEVER RECEIVED QSL’s!!! VERY BAD HAM SPIRIT!!!

  • hb9fba

    Never received qsl-card (request with 3$ last year)…???

  • Had QSO with JW5E op Signe on 20m today. Will send QSL direct tomorrow as it is a new DXCC for me. Looking forward to get your nice QSL card in return.

    73sss SM7I

  • Unfortunately I have not seen a QSL card in return in spite my direct QSL This is indeed bad ham spirit :(

  • Signe

    Jag har skrivit QSL-kort till alla, det blev väldigt många, men jag är helt säker på att jag skrev ett till dej, för jag läste i din kommentar här att du ser fram emot ett. :)

    Jag skrev dem ett par dagar i efterhand och lämnade de till en annan radioamatör som skulle resa till fastlandet och tog dem med sig för att posta.

    Jag har frågat en kompis som har hand om QSL-korten till min hemmaklubb och han berättade att det kan ta upp till ett år för QSL-kort att komma fram. Så det kanske behövs lite tålamod.

    Det handlar inte om “bad ham spirit” men jag är en utav få radioamatörer på ön, så jag är glad för den hjälp jag kan få, jag är ung och har inte erfarenhet av att operera en radiostation helt själv som jag gjort nu och jag kör inte radio för att jag vill vara taskig och snuva folk på deras QSL-kort, utan för att jag tycker att det är kul att köra radio och få kontakt med folk i andra länder.

    Jag hoppas på lite förståelse och respekt och om du vill berätta för mig hur jag på bästa sätt hanterar QSL-kort med de förutsättningar jag har så är du välkommen att kontakta mig! :)

  • SM7I

    Actually got an email fron op Signe yesterday telling me that an QSL card is on it´s way to me. This is good news and hope that all of you eventually will get your QSL cards as well. Cards are being sent by buro if I understood her correctly, even if you send SAE or SASE (which I did). Good work Signe !!!