Hi there. Welcome to the new JW5E homepage. Here you’ll find information, pictures and booking information.

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  • Kenneth OZ1IKY


    Great new homepage! Great New QSL card!
    Been there in summer 2010 for the IOTA contest.
    Great Station! First but not last time there!

    … under Club Cottage info! Could you please put a few lines about the radio station, what equipment is there, what antennas are there! Actually OP’s don’t need to bring anything – but let them know! Would be great for those how has not been there yet!

    VY 73 ES HPE CUAGN on air JW5E!


    • LA8AJA

      Hi Kenneth.

      That’s good to hear that you like it. And I also worked you on 6M last summer.

      I have placed the information you are seeking under About -> equipment. I’ll link to that page from the Cottage page.

      73 de Andreas, LA8AJA

  • Congratulations, a nice new look to the web site. I visited JW5E 8th-13th October 2009 and had a fantastic time. I hope to return one day. http://www.g4ata.co.uk/hamradio/jw/index.html

    Good DX

    73 de John, G4ATA

  • I have a friend sailing to Svalbard in July. I live in the south of England (near Bedford) what chances of HF comms do we have at that time of year, esecially with the sun’s high hotspot activity. Which bands and times of day might be best? Just trying to assess how likely QSO scheds will be likely to work.

    • LA8AJA

      Hi Jon. I spoke to Peter JW7QIA and he said 20M and 17M should be good at that time of year. He didn’t mention any time of day though.

      73 de Andreas, LA8AJA/JW8AJA

  • Jo OE4VIE

    Great website and it is nice to see these pictures. I have been there as JW/DF6VI in 1999 together with my good friend JW/DL4OCM, it was a nice time there and endless pile-ups.
    I hope to go there again one day.

    73 Jo OE4VIE (ex JW/DF6VI)